AllPrep Floor Levelling

To achieve an absolutely flat sub floor, we use primer coatings followed by a self-levelling compound.

The preparation starts by ensuring the surface is clean and free of any contaminants. Secondly, mechanical bonding for long-term adhesion is achieved by the use of highly penetrating primers over the porous concrete.

The peaks and valleys created by profiling the concrete provide an anchor to which the floor topping can bond.

These cementitious-based compounds are smooth in texture and the high fluidity allows ease of placement, trowelling, feathering and finish. Suitable for tiles, carpet, vinyl, parquetry, timber floors and rain damaged concrete refurbishment.

The self- levelling compound can be hand mixed and applied by Hippo Mixer, Putzmeister pump and or AllPrep Pump Truck System. The pump-applied method mechanically mixes the material and allows the product to be pumped in excess of 60m across a floor. The flow is easily adjusted.

In addition to the hand mixed or pump applied method AllPrep Flooring are the only company in Australia to offer the Laticrete Supercap Pump Truck System, a patented mobile blending unit.  Using this system we can correct concrete deflection to an extremely flat specification at a blistering rate. Great for flat floors, shortening schedules and safer job sites.

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