The LATICRETE® SUPERCAP® System is a global pump-truck method that hasn’t existed in Australia – until now. We are excited that AllPrep Flooring is the first floor-preparation company in the country to implement this system.

  • Invented 15 years ago, LATICRETE® SUPERCAP® pump trucks can pour enough self-levelling underlayment to cover up to 4500sqm of floor per day. That’s 12 basketball courts!
  • Patented Laticrete mixer trucks blend the self-leveling underlayment (SLU) onsite and then pump it out at a rapid rate – faster than anything else on the market.
  • After the mixture is laid, it sets for a perfectly flat and smooth finish within 4 hours. Workers can be on the floor the next day without issues.
  • The Supercap system is so versatile it can be used for all kinds of projects, including high-rise buildings, retail stores, hospitals, and more.

The Supercap system has proven itself internationally in a variety of settings. The main benefits include:

  • Time savings: When it comes to construction, time is money – and Laticrete’s system saves a lot of both. The SLU goes down 50 percent faster than other products and sets in 4 hours so that other trades can quickly get to work.
  • Jobsite safety: Since the mixture and pumping system are contained within one vehicle, there’s no need for workers to haul bags of underlayment and mixing equipment. You’ll only need a few workers to manage the pump hose.
  • Cost-effective: The pump can lay down the equivalent of 13.5 tonnes per hour. Ultimately, this saves thousands by cutting down on labour and equipment costs

To read the LATICRETE® SUPERCAP® press release click on the link below:
2020 October LATICRETE Australia AllPrep Flooring SUPERCAP Announcment

To read the LATICRETE® SUPERCAP® press release click on the link below:
AllPrep One Sydney Harbour


See the benefits of this system and the pump truck in action