AllPrep Concrete Polishing

The Hiperfloor/Superfloor polishing system is the true definition of Polished Concrete. In the past most Polished Concrete floors were based on the standard grinding and sealing process, which included grinding to the desired level and then applying resin based sealers to provide an enhanced, wet polished appearance. The problem with resin based sealers is that they eventually scratch and wear out which requires continual maintenance and recoating.

The Hiperfloor/Superfloor system eliminates these problems. This is a complete system which involves treating and polishing the concrete with a combination of specially designed surface hardeners while progressively grinding the surface with finer and finer diamonds to achieve the desired gloss level (similar to polishing natural stone bench tops). The finished glossy surface is produced from polishing the natural concrete surface and not from the resin based coatings. This specially designed system increases abrasion resistance and impact strength while providing an extremely hard wearing Polished Concrete floor that requires minimal maintenance. There are no surface coatings, so the chance of scratching and wearing which requires maintenance is greatly reduced.

An additional benefit of the Hiperfloor/Superfloor system is that it is a natural sustainable flooring process, providing an environmentally friendly surface without the use of toxic chemicals and materials. Hiperfloor/Superfloor promotes a healthier working environment as well as bringing out the beauty of the Polished Concrete and combining it with the unparalleled advantages of natural stone.